Pepper Spray Effects

The most common side effects of being hit with Inferno Pepper Spray are chocking, coughing, temporary blindness, Sneezing, which allows the Habanero Chili extract to be pulled into the lungs which results in a shortness of breath and all but incapacitates an attacker.

Side Efects of Pepper Spray

As mentioned before anyone hit with Inferno Pepper Spray from will feel extreme pain in the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, although with time these effects will subside but not before the victim has ample time to get away and notify authorities.

Can Drugs Ease the effects of Pepper Spray?

In most cases the effects of the Pepper Spray will wear of in an hour, immediate water to the face preferably cool water with sugar mixed in can ease the effects and symptoms, but in general it is time that will eventually lead to the diminishing effects of being hit with Inferno Pepper Spray.