Inferno Pepper Spray is a new evolution in Pepper Spray.

Many things make Inferno different from other Pepper Sprays on the market , it quite simply may the best Pepper Spray on the market today.

The largest difference is the Inferno Pepper Spray and many other Pepper Sprays on the market today is that Inferno Pepper Spray is a foam. It is not a spray or a fog and therefore, makes it much safer to use in a enclosed space such as a house, office, shop or a parking garage.

What separates Inferno Pepper Spray from other on the market?

Here are 5 other reasons to look at Inferno Pepper Spray and why is happy to team up and represent this product.

1. It is Highly Targetable.

2. It is not very sticky, unlike many sprays that can act like a glue to anything it hits Inferno Pepper Spray can easily be cleaned up with Soap and Water.

3.  Inferno Pepper Spray is safe and won’t blister the skin or eyes.

4.  High Quality – Unlike other brands, Inferno uses the absolute best HFC134A aerosol propellant, which is the same propellant, used in bronchial inhalers. The force of this propellant never diminishes no matter how much you have already sprayed out of the canister. In contrast, competing brands use Hydrocarbon, which is flammable, less consistent and less powerful. Some use nitrogen, which leaks out of the canister over time and supplies an inconsistent pressure.

5. Inferno Pepper Spray is Non Flammable and Awesomely Effective – Inferno, as mixed, is non-flammable and while the HFC134A propellant is one of the more expensive alternatives, we use it because it breaks up and atomizes the particles of chili pepper and black pepper 2,000 times finer than other propellants on the market, making Inferno more effective as a stopping agent, because more material is inhaled/absorbed by your attacker. This makes Inferno very effective on people who are intoxicated on drugs or so enraged that they do not feel pain during their violent rampages.

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